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As our name implies, Sunrise Truss and Metal Sales deals in high quality metal roofing products.  What’s so high quality about them?
  • The bursting strength of our steel is a minimum of 80,000 PSI


  • Our steel is made in the United States


  • Our paint system is WeatherXL, also made in the United States by Valspar.  Valspar is over two hundred years old and makes the toughest, most reliable paint system we have dealt with in ten years of installing metal roofs.


  • Between the paint and the steel, there is an addition layer of galvalume, which is used by itself as a metal roof coating.  Its like having two roofs over your head.


  • 40 Year Warranty


 One Stop Shop for:

Lumber  // Fasteners // Trusses //  Metals  // Tools and Accessories 

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